Sandfly Island

Lars Alfredson
Sun 31 May 2015 00:52
pos 8:57.46S 160:3.89E
Kasaka Bay, Sandfly Island
Thursday 28th of May.
On Thursday we woke up to a beautiful morning. After breakfast we moved over to Mangalonga Island to be closer to the site where the Manta Rays feed. There was a dive boat moored there to and we got better instructions on where to find the Mantas. We spent most of the day snorkeling looking for the Mantas. We saw Reef Sharks, Napoleon Fishes and even a nice Eagle Ray, but no Mantas. In the afternoon we saw the divers coming back and asked them once more. Yes, they had spotted 4 Mantas. Off we went out in the strong current where they feed. And there they were all of us jumped in the water andwas rewarded with fantastic sights of big Manta Rays feeding in the current only a few meters away. I think the biggest one was 4 meters across. Happy and tired we moved the boat back to Kasaka bay. After dinner they local chief came out and we had a nice chat with him and his son.
Friday morning we were up early to celebrate Sannas birthday. Ewa had baked fresh scones. Our paradise bay got a black lining when we discovered that two sets of snorkeling gear had dissapeared overnight. At 9am we took off for Honiara. We had a brisk sail with some big squalls.
Once anchored in Honiara, Ewa baked a very nice cake with strawberry jam and pinapple. Sanna finished her birthday at the Yacht club, where they had a live band.
All is well,
Lars and crew