Sebana Cove to Melaka

Lars Alfredson
Sun 24 Nov 2019 21:51
Pos 02:10.85N 102:14.19E

Thursday 21Nov. In the morning we left Sebana Cove and headed down river towards Singapore. A bit down river there was a few small ships tied up to the riverbank. We approached a bunker boat and asked if we could buy some diesel. No problem, and soon we had filled the port tank. 2.50 RM/l.
Approaching Singapore waters I cut a corner in among some anchored ships. It did not take long before a patrol boat appered and hailed us. Where from where to and more questions.
We were instructed to go out into the shipping lane and stay there.
It was interesting to pass Singapore. Ships of all types anchored and moving in every direction. With the big city in the background.
It is about 35 NM to pass before you are into Malayan waters again. Near the end of the passege we were once again hailed by a patrol boat with lots of questions. They keep a close watch on everything that moves.

We continued through the night up the strait for another 100 NM and anchored outside Melaka (Malacca) on Friday morning.

Friday 22Nov. We had a busy day sightseeing Melaka with Jeremy as our guide. Visiting the old fortress and museums. Melaka is a very nice old kolonial town with a big Dutch influence. After filling our cultural side we retreated to Jonker street for lunch and refreshments.

Back on board Mikael and I cleared the blocked fuel line from the port tank. We had two engine shut downs the day before. With compressed air we got lots of black gunk put of the copper pipe.

For dinner we went back to Jonker street wich now was packed with market stands all down the street. Lots of people.

Lars and crew.

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