Departure from Rarotonga

Lars Alfredson
Wed 17 Apr 2013 13:45

Pos 21:25.28S 161:10.88W


17042013 Wednesday



Up by 8, Fred and Grete set off to the showers ashore, with perfect timing they arrive back just as the booze consignment turns up on the dock. They load up and ferry their precious cargo across to eager hands and safe stowage below.


In the meantime Lars and I have been getting the boat shipshape for our departure, taking down awnings, pulling in mooring lines and shutting hatches. I wind in the anchor while the others winch up the dinghy. There’s a minor mishap when the flag gets caught and jams a block and the rope snaps under the unexpected load.


A quick repair and with the anchor winched aboard, were off into a medium swell. With the wind up our bum from the East we hoist the Mainsail and Goosewing the two headsails, and were soon doing 7 knots+ in about 12kts of wind. The sun is shining but it’s starting to cloud up ahead.


I assume my position in the bow “Throne” clutching my newly published book “Justice Denied” all about the assignations of the Governor and several other linked murders that took place during my time in Bermuda. (Thank you Martin) while others distribute themselves in various positions of repose taking the rays or reading (Aren’t autopilots wonderful)


Before you know it it’s time for lunch and a beer to wash it down with except for mine just wanted to wash as it leapt from the table in a particularly nasty roll and sprayed its contents onto the deck. A replacement appeared which was more carefully stowed and all was well with the world.


Having resumed my position after lunch, it started to rain with only the vigour that a tropical rainstorm can. We dropped the side screens and rigged and awning across the stern to stop it blowing in and disturbing our restive state. I took the opportunity for a little lie down as I’d had my quota of sun for the day.


Surfacing, it was happy hour, doesn’t time fly when your having fun. Watch times were discussed with three hours shifts agreed. We then drew our times from a cup, how democratic; really, how come I end up with the graveyard shift of 2-5am!


The winds have changed in the squalls so that we are now running south of our course but we’ll wait and see what happens and tack in the morning, though the wind is forecast to die down over the next few days.


Time for dinner from the dynamic duo so I’ll hang up my finger for today..


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