Sailing to Salvador

Lars Alfredson
Tue 1 Feb 2011 16:07
Pos 12:29.98S  37:46.97W

We were very fortunate with the weather - forecast called for showers and no wind - we sailed off under
an easterly 20 knots breeze doing an average of 9 knots.  Should take us about 30 hours to cover the 230 miles into Salvador.
                                Lookout                                                                                  Natural sailing

Catch up race, as Yacabus left early in the morning.  Great weather and sun found some boats sailing
the Saint Tropez way, south.  From Sergipe down we started encountering oil rigs, as Brazil has a large
oil basin along its shore all the way to Rio de Janeiro.
                          Preparing Dinner

Now we into the 3 hours on/off shifts which are the boring part staring the immense blackness hoping for
a dim of light to brighten your shift.  Mine were all eventless, except for the beautiful sunrise.
But Lars was rewarded with the visit of Dolphins after Sunrise.
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