Koh Lipe 2

Lars Alfredson
Thu 5 Dec 2019 14:08
Koh Lipe and surrounding islads
Saturday Nov30

We started the day with repairing the hole in the Dinghy that we got in Lankawi.

Quite windy. We went in search of nice snorkeling sheltered from wind and waves. We found it on the west side of Koh Adang a short way north of Koh Lipe.
The rest of the day was filled with nice snorkeling and beach walking.

Sunday Dec01
In search of new nice coral reefs we went to Koh Butang a small island about 1 hour to the west.
Anchored outside a promising reef and Jeremy and Mikael had a nice dive while the rest of us snorkled.
In the afternoon we went back to Koh Lipe but anchored on the other side of the island. For dinner we walked across the island to the busy side.

Monday Dec02
Decided to try out Kho Chuku 10NM to the west as we had been told it was very nice coral reefs there. We anchored and swam ashore and found a very nice natural arch through the rock. There was even a sign that called it "Lovers gate".  We walked around the beach finding some nice shells. The snorkeling was a bit disappointing though.
In the afternoon we moved back to Koh Adang in the lee of the island.

On the way we suddenly saw these big fish jumping out of the water. It was sailfish that was jumping and swimming around in circles. We figured out that they must be spawning. Fascinating. There must have been hundreds.

Tuesday Dec03
More swimming and snorkeling. We went to a small island called Koh Bulo where the beach is covered in black rocks/pebbles mixed with pure white rocks. Good snorkeling.
In the afternoon we went back to Koh Lipe harbour for a night in town with a nice dinner.

Wedensday Dec04.
We decided to take a walk around Lipe island. We walked as far as we could to the west end of the island, found a steep track down to the water and had a nice swim. We then turned around and walked to the east end of the island, this time following the beach. A couple of pit stops for fluids on the way.
Back in town we went to the immigration and cleared out from Thailand.
In the evening we went into town again for dinner and a few drinks. To much for some of us!

Lars and crew

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