Nimoa Island

Lars Alfredson
Thu 14 May 2015 07:45
pos 11:18.20S 153:14.67E
Nimua Island
Thursday 14/5 17.30
Wedensday morning we decided to move on to Nimoa Island further east in the Island chain. There was no wind to start with so we had to motor. We put out the fishing lines and soon caught a big Spanish Mackerel that we managed to land after a bit of a struggle. Soon it started to rain. It came down in buckets. I was trying to navigate between reefs under an umbrella (Rainbow model). After a few hours we anchored outside the village of Galang, Nimoa Island. Ewa decided to cheer us up with panccakes for lunch. She made an enormous heap that was more than we could eat. Luckily the weather gave us a break so we could grill fish on the barbeque. We had a fantastic dinner of fresh fish washed down with Chardonnay.
Thursday morning we visited the village and the next village. We were guided expertly by a man from the village. Back on the boat we had the left over pancakes for lunch. Tonight we are having a fish curry.
The weather has been a bit unreliable for the last days. Tomorrow we are sailing to Rossel Island, our last stop before crossing to the Solomon Islands.
All is well,
Lars and crew.