Samoa adventures, part 2

Lars Alfredson
Fri 3 May 2013 08:01


20130502 Thursday – Paperwork


We take the dinghy and tie up in the fishing harbour as we want to catch show at 10 o’clock out side the Tourism offices.

Unfortunately we’ve been misinformed. Undaunted Lars and I head to the Government Offices in the large block nearby

and come away with a very nice letter permitting us to tour around the neighbouring island of Savai’i.



                          Friends in high places.


Back the fish market the counters are a rainbow of multi coloured fish. Red spotted large grouper, greeny parrotfish and an

amazing selection of reef fish. Other counters feature small octopus and multi coloured shells as well as lobster and Sharks.


Tour Fish Market 291    Tour Fish Market 292



Tour Fish Market 293   Tour Fish Market 310

                          Parrot fish.                                                                                                             Grouper.


Walking around the harbour we come across one of the long line boats working on their equipment and on enquiring are shown how the system of rigging and baiting the thousands of hooks is achieved.


Tour Fish Market 315    Tour Fish Market 319

              Catch of Yellowfin Tuna.                                                                         One of a thousand hooks.


A trip to the covered market where they are selling all types multi coloured sarong type wraps and wood carving souvenirs along with coffee and food outlets.


Tour Fish Market 320

                                   Cava bowls and war axes.


On our way we come across a Barber shop. Lars and Bob can’t resist the temptation. The results of which we leave you to judge.


Tour Fish Market 053   P1220507

                                              Happy!                                                                                     Not so happy!


Lunch at CV’s our wi-fi base, though we have trouble getting them to sort out their system and by the time they do Lars computer battery dies!


We dine in the marina that evening, Steaks all round. The Merlot is somewhat warm at room temperature of 30C so we have to wait while it cools in an ice bucket but that said it was a very nice meal.




20130503 Friday – More Paperwork


We motor into the marina now the competition boats have left to fill up our water tanks before returning to anchor. Before proceeding to town

we are invited on board the Bridgett Bardot where we given a full tour engine compartments included though not allowed to film the sensitive bits.

Very James Bond. As we depart we invite them to join us for happy hour this evening.


P1220395    BB & FStn 001

               A closer look at the mean machine.


BB & FStn 006   BB & FStn 009


The Immigration office is down past MacDonald’s, turn right to the Cinema (Closed) and it’s a couple of blocks further on.

Up A steep flight of steps and we sit cooling from the 32C outside to the sub-artic air-conditioned luxury inside.


The usual umpteen sheets of paper and passport info have to be filled and recorded and as we are served by one the officers who came aboard on our arrival, all goes well.


Back out and off to CV’s which is just down the road for a beer, Wi-fi, Skype and lunch before proceeding to the dock offices by the marina for moooooore paperwork and exchange of cash.


Finally back to the boat and blogging. All’s going well until my computer crashes, finally succumbing to the heat.

Needless to say the air does get a little hotter as I have to re-engage the brain and rewrite the lost couple of pages.


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