Noro and Munda

Lars Alfredson
Thu 11 Jun 2015 07:26
pos 8:19.70S 157:14.94E
Munda, New Georgia Island
Monday the 8th of June
Sunday we motored in bad wind round the top of New Georgia Island withour aim set for Noro for filling diesel and water. Noro is not a very nice place but they have good fuel. Noro services a fishing fleet and they have a big cannery with 2000 employees.
Monday morning we moved to the fuel dock to fill up. This turned in to a very slow process that took most of the day. First I went in search of the customs man because I wanted to clear out so I could by tax free fuel. The office opened at 8am. When we left at 1pm the customs man still had not showed. We managed to fill water from a 100 mm hose and fuel from a big nozzle that did not fit in my deck opening. It took hours to fill the fuel slowly with the help of a funnel. In the end I gave up waiting for the customs man and we left for Munda the biggest city on New Georgia Island. The reason for this was that they had a hospital there with a doctor. Thomas injured his foot a few days back and had developed a big infection. His foot looked much like a football. We went south from Noro through the beautiful passage between New Georgia and Kohingo Islands. We had a bit of a problem finding a way in through all the reefs to Munda. After we anchored it turned out that we were just outside the Hospital. Thomas was sent in in the dinghy and after a few hours waiting he called me on the VHF and said that he had to stay the night. They were shooting him full with antibiotics. 3 big shots every 4 hours. We will see how he feels in the morning.
All is well except Thomas,
Lars and crew