Lars Alfredson
Tue 15 Jan 2013 21:14
Pos 09:58.14S 139:07.53W
Hapatani, Tahuata
Tuesday, January 15

We are now on Tahuata, only 10NM south of Hiva Oa.
I had prepared a blog with photos from Hiva Oa to be sent when we came to Vaitahu, the main village on Tahuata. There the post office was supposed to have wifi. Not so, the post office lady had forgotten the log in code. Because of this there was no puplic wifi on the Island. Apparently it had been like that for quite some time.

This short update I have to send from my iridium phone. I will try and sort things out next time we can find a wifi connection, whenever that will be?

We plan to sail south to Fatu Hiva, the last of the Marquesan islands we will visit, on thursday.