Snow and Haircuts

Lars Alfredson
Thu 22 Dec 2011 21:49

20122011 Snow


Last nights rain fell as snow on the mountains which covered them down to the tree line. It all looks very pretty and Christmassy.


Haircuts 002     Haircuts 005                        

                    fresh snow                                                                               on the Mountains


Lars and Peter set off on the bikes for haircuts, shopping and exploration to find the two other recommended discount stores.

I remain behind to catch up on the Blogging sorting out and reducing suitable pictures to add to the reports and arrange to meet up with them later at the “Office”


It’s soon 13:30 but having finished my creative works I don my waterproof jacket and rucksack containing my computer and memory

stick with the latest edition and set off on foot. The causeway is a little soggy from last nights rain and appears to have had a grader down it but its not

to bad underfoot and its infinitely better that having to battle the usual dust storm when any traffic passes, of which there is plenty.


My arrival coincides with Lars finishing his Internet business and Lunch time. They announce they have found a new restaurant with Wi-Fi that we should try so off we go.


Haircuts 024     Haircuts 025

                      The office                                                                               Lunch venue


It turns out to be a bit of a gem, not to busy and with an “Executive” three course lunch including a glass of wine for Pesos52.

The food and the portions were excellent and while we waited for our order to arrive we manage to add the pictures to the Blog and send it on its.


After lunch the “Bikers” shoot off for their haircuts and I trundle through town to buy a few souvenirs and more importantly a new external hard-drive as my old 40 GB one is full.

A little negotiation and I shoot off to the hole in the wall for cash which gets me a ten percent discount off my new 1 terabyte (Star trek eat your heart out) drive.


Haircuts 009

                             Peter gets trimmed


Happy hour and the “Beagle” dries up. Investigation finds the gas bottle has run out. Ever resourceful the top is removed from the canister and we decant into

a large plastic jug (Reminiscent of some of the ancient Pubs one used to frequent) and all is well as we set about finishing it so we can put in our Christmas order.


Haircuts 044

                The last dregs of the keg


During the day three new charter boats arrive on the Jetty. The “Pelagic Austral is” a large 80 footer owned by Skip Novak, “Australis” 70 foot an expedition motor sailer

as well as “Spirit of Sydney” 65 foot we suspect is an old “Whitbread” yacht.


Haircuts 043     Haircuts 045

                     Australis                                                   Pelagic Australis


21122011 Haircut


After last nights call from Shan and the comments of my fellow crew members I weaken and decide to go for a trim.

We all set out for the town, I’m pointed in the direction of the Barber whilst those on the bikes go to the Laundry then to the Brewery to organise a re-supply.

We will meet up at Carrefour to stock up on food and spirit essentials later.


The boatyard has just hauled a yacht out as we walk up the jetty. We stop in amazement at the spectacular growth on its bottom which would indicate

that it’s a long time since it was last out.


Haircuts 011     Haircuts 051

                      I need of a scrub                                                                      sea garden


Proceeding in the general direction I come across a very nice ladies and gents hair salon with a few old boys being attended to and decide this is the one.

While I wait observing procedure all looks well and I am soon summoned to have my hair washed before being seated in the barber’s chair.


All goes reasonably well except for my mop which has now been re-styled into a sort of crew cut (What there is it) and gives a fair impression of a Rockhopper penguin.


Then it’s my wonderful “Full Set” carefully nurtured and eminently suited to the Santa Claus role that comes under attack. “Poco” (A little) says I,

in my best Spanish where upon I’m set upon with the fever of a Falklands sheep Shearer and before I can react there is a great swath, reduced to stubble, running through my wondrous thatch.


The result brings much snapping of cameras and hardly sympathetic comment when we meet up in the supermarket.

Shopping finished they ride off and leave me to ponder my seven o’clock shadow of a beard as the wind whistles through the last remnants of my hair.


Haircuts 012     Haircuts 015

                  The Rockhopper                                                                      The three musketeers   


After lunch aboard, Lars goes into a cleaning fever and disappears into his heads whilst Peter and I swap cabins and armed with clean linen make up our respective bunks.


A shore while later “Grey Goose” return and bring us news of their Chilean adventures, horse riding and fishing before they set off for Perfectura.

Now we have now have six French, a Polish, an Australian, a Brit and few indeterminable and us.


Lars has emptied the spirits store and insists we finish all the “Nearly” finished exotica to make space for more vital stocks. It could be an interesting evening.


Just before happy hour the boys from Beagle brewery arrive with T-shirts and our order as well as samples of their new (As yet un-released) smoke flavoured beer.

It’s quite pleasant rather like a malt whisky! They join in sampling some off the more exotic spirits that were trying to clear thus ensuring an increased lifespan for our poor overworked kidneys!


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