Percy Island A frame party

Lars Alfredson
Sat 31 Jan 2015 01:41

The Saturday the 31st of January we were supposed to join the guys at the beach for some drinks before we went back to the boat and had dinner. We entered the A frame and there they all were, Steve, Mike, Greg and Donnie, preparing a big meal which was enough for all of us. Well then, not anything else to do than taking the dinghy back to the boat collecting more beer and wine. Anna the vegetarian who only eats happy animals decided that the goat, shot on the island, was a happy goat whom had a pretty good life and helped prepare the meat. There were goat meat marinated for three days, fresh meat and root fruits. Yum! It took a while to prepare and cook the food and meanwhile we had a good time with everyone, playing guitar, harmonica and didgeridoo, singing and drinking. Since the food took a while, Thomas decided it was time to take a quick nap on one of the tables. The food tasted really good even though it was spiced up with some sand and other stuff. After dinner Greg was teaching Kalle how to play the didgeridoo. Greg thought Kalle was such a good student that he gave him his instrument to bring back to Sweden so that he could become a real didgeridoo player. Anna and Kalle figured that they now had a chance to get revenge on the neighbor practicing the trumpet every now and then. The night went on and we had a really good time. We finished bottle after bottle and suddenly all that was left was one of Steves home brewed beers.. we figured it was time to get back to the boat and we all went to sleep with a smile on our faces.