Toba Marina

Lars Alfredson
Sat 30 Apr 2016 07:06

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Toba Marina

Tuesday 26/4
Continuing our way against wind and big waves I used Google maps to look for good places to stop. Deap in a little bay I found some pontoons with small pleasure boats on.
Lets go there! It turned out to be quite a challenge to get there. The water was filled with fishing contraptions of every kind.
Toba Marina turned out to be a small place with small yachts and motorboats. There was just water enough for us to manage the ebb. There was nobody around (the marina was closed on tuesdays) so we decided to go for a walk to try and find a shop. Just when we were ready to leave, 2 custums officers turned up together with the unhappy marina manager. They must have tracked our AIS signal.
Soon after a mysterious man clad in ninja black turned up. He flashed a police id. Now followed a couple of hours of questions and paperwork. Why had we come there? Why had we entered a closed port? Where is your permit?
It turned out we had saild into a hornets nest. The whole area was turned over, and why? There was going to be a G7 summit meeting just nearby! No wonder they were on edge.

We managed to convince them all that we were no terrorists so we went on our delayed walk. We had read about the Ama divers (female divers) that this place was famous for and soon we found a restaurant called Hachiman, Ama divers hut. Unfortunately the restaurant was not open. After bying some food in a little shop we returned on board just before sunset.

All is well,
Lars, Uno, Voila and Johan

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