Yokohama Bayside Marina

Lars Alfredson
Mon 9 May 2016 02:12

pos 35:22.88N 139:38.96E

Wedensday 4/5
We were woken in the middle of the night by a sudden storm that built huge waves that found their way into the harbour. Our big boat was suddenly a little dinghy. The mooring ropes were breaking and the fenders were caught under the pier.  Big mess, at least 5 mooring ropes broke and the rail where the fenders was tied were bent.
When light came we could not get out of the harbour because of the gigantic waves.
Eventually the wind started to ease off and around 11.00 we made a run for it. I gunned the throttle and managed to get out of the harbour aftet some big waves rolled over the deck.
Once we were out in the open sea, we furledout the genoa and had a great sail to Yokohama. 50 NM later we arrived at Yokohama Bayside Marina in time to have a nice dinner before they closed.

Thursday 5/5
Repair and packing day. We worked in the morning with repairs and cleaning. In the afternoon we did a test run on the trains to find the best way to Narita Aiport. Nice buffet dinner in the evening.

Friday the 6/5.
Up at 6am to walk with my crew to the train station. They had a plane to catch back to Sweden.
I want to thank Uno, Viola and Johan for their time on Dawnbreaker. We have had a great time together exploring Japan.

Saturday 7/5 - Monday 9/5
Working on the boat and washing clothes.

Tuesday 10/5
Flying back to Sweden. Will be back on Dawnbreaker on the 12/6 2016.

Until then, sail easy!

Lars with no crew.

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