Tourist day

Lars Alfredson
Sat 9 Apr 2011 20:30
Pos 23:07.87S 44:17.69W
While Lars bravely scrubbed and polished the underside of the dinghy I took it upon me to mingle with the tourist and took a boat tour to the
north side of Ilha Grande for some snorkeling and beach walk.  Saw 3 turtles at a fantastic smaller island.  Great day ended with a major storm
heavy rain and rough sea.  Caxadaco, dois Rios beach and Jorge Grego Island were my destinations
mapa-ilha-grande     Caxadaco
                                  Ihla Grande                                                                       Caxadaco
dois rios small     ilha de fora small
                                   Dois Rios beach                                                  Jorge Grego island