In mystical Salvador

Lars Alfredson
Mon 7 Feb 2011 23:36
Pos 12:58.338S 38:30.953W
We arrived at Salvador after 36 hours sailing around midnight of february 1st and decided to anchor outside the marina.
Now Dawnbreaker is settled at the old town marina close to the ferryboats and the "Lacerda Elevator"
which connects low land to highland Salvador.
                    Elevador Lacerda                                                  Terminal Nautico da Bahia
We are at the hearth of the tourist area in front of the Marcado Modelo and the ferry dock that leave to
Morro Sao Paulo and Itaparica Island.  Our stay in Salvador coincided  with the arrival of the  WORLD ARC boats
coming from Cape Town via Santa Helena.  We are becoming part of the ARC familiy as the party sheep.
As an ARC alumni Lars decided to "borrow" the 2010/2011 flag and hoisted it on Dawnbreaker.
Lars previous sailboat "vaghals" is still on the ARC homepage.
                        World Arc fleet                                                                                 Lovely Ladys

Working is a verb not taken very seriously here in Salvador as it took us two days to do the port formalities.
Since then it has been only party time as thomas his local friends came to visit .... And stayed .... and stayed .....

Our boat became the Bistro and Cafe on the dock, to a point we had to move Friday,s party .... About 20 people attended
until dawnbreaking .... From sunset to sunrise Saturday morning.
Bistro Dawnbreaker is our new calling, of course 5 star!
                               Dock Party

After 24 hours recovery period we went for day cruise to the Island of Mare with our german and bahia friends.
Another setback .... Main halyard is damaged and requires replacement.
As well our 4 surviving batteries also had a sudden death and need to be replaced.
                                Day Cruise                                                                       Luis and Jurg
                         Working in the Mast                                                                  25 m up in the air
Tonton + Lars