Lars Alfredson
Fri 7 Dec 2012 02:58
Pos 17:35.16S 149:36.99W
Marina Taina, Papeete, Tahiti
After a two day slow sail from Fakareva we arrived in Tahiti on  Tuesday the 4th. As it was late in the afternoon we decided to anchor in the first bay we came to and continue to Papeete the next day. When we thread our way through the reef and head up the bay we are suddenly hailed on the VHF. “Dawnbreaker, Dawnbreaker you should anchor to my right” We had bumped in to Oliver in his Catamaran. We last met Oliver in Puerto Willams on New Years Eve, tied up to Micalvi. I took the dinghy over and said hallo and invited Oliver over for dinner. We had a nice evening, talking about sailing things. Delilah had gone home to the US so Oliver was alone on his boat but he had made lots of friends as he had been in Polynesia since May. Oliver asked how the two Thomases were doing. (tonton from brazil and Thomas from Sweden).
Next day we moved down to Marina Taina that lies south of Papeete. The bus into the center takes 40 minutes. We have since then been busy with paperwork and getting supplies. I am also trying to get the Mainsail repaired.
We will be back with a better report and some pics. in a few days.
All is well,