Ilha Grande 18032011 Thursday

Lars Alfredson
Thu 17 Mar 2011 23:32
  • Pos 23:06.59S 44:12.62W
  • Saco de Ceu 
  • We arise to a beautiful sunny day; the bay is very pretty with the tropical rainforest coming down from the
  •  steep sided heights to the water edge which is fringed with yellow sand beaches. The village sit behind
  • theshoreline and several jetties jut out into the sea servicing numerous colourful tourists and fishing boats anchored offshore.

                                         The Village                                                                          The Shop


    Yves and family including the Rocky the dog come to visit and discuss the day’s plans when it’s decided to

    move off later in the afternoon to a quieter bay away from the bustle of the tourist boats.



                                    Everybody repairing waterpump                                Except Rocky


    We go ashore to explore. The village is a maze of narrow sandy walkways through a jumble of small shops

    one or two “main” roads are paved with large cobbles and bridges straddle the streams that run down to the sea.


    A supply boat is being unloaded into hand carts which seem to be the only means of goods transport, no cars

    no roads! Lars meanwhile has beached the dinghy and is busy removing the coating of barnacles and weed

    that has accumulated over some months from its bottom.



                                        Delivery Van                                                                          Waterfront


    We return to swim for while before setting of for a bay the other side of the headland. Having negotiated

    the entrance we work our way into a nice anchorage off a sandy beach closely followed by our French friends

    who moor a short distance away.

    More swimming, socialising and having a good time. Its hell at sea!



                                        Ilha Grande                                                              Guests departing


    Bob the Blog.