Maloelap Atoll

Lars Alfredson
Mon 16 Jul 2018 18:33
POS 8:44.15N 171;04.42E
After Majuro we arrived at Maloelap Atoll.  Four stops at the key villages.  First stop at Pigete Island known to host a WWII japanese radio station and Papaya tress, in addition to lots of Coconut and Copra production.  Wania even found a lime tree.   Next day we moved to the main village of Tarawa, another Japonese site that was destroyed by US bombraid.  The wreck of the freighter Toroshima Maru, whose cargo mast pokes out of the water just near the beach.  Yes we did snorkel there. 
Two more stops at Ollot and Tjan (Jang) islands before we head out of the Atoll on it’s northern passage.
The last stop was unique including a burial. the slaughter of a pig and a 100kg turtle, was only topped by the admiration of our blond muse by the locals, incluiding one that alreasy has 3 wifes proposing to our blond.
Maloelap Atoll has 1000km2 and a land area of 10km2 with a population of 856nand 138 houses distributed among at least 11 islands.
Next stop Wotje Atoll about 80nm north.  We should be there by sunset.
Thomas and crew