Day 5

Lars Alfredson
Fri 28 Sep 2012 01:01
Pos 33:40S 78:30W
27/9 22.00 LT
Daily run 152 NM

Hello readers! Steve here writing while the Dawnbreaker slices through the Pacific on heading 336 degrees towards Robinson Crusoe Island! Its another amazing sunset! Hernan (the master chef) is playing some beatles on my guitar whilst I type here in the pilot house, downstairs in the kitchen the smell of his great food is wafting up to say hi!
Its day 5 cruising and overnight was some consistent wind and good speed and the sunrise was a beautiful thing to see. Mike and I threw out the fishing line at first light and caught two seabirds, which was not the plan! The first one got off no problems after a 35 foot ski behind the boat but 1 hour later a second was hooked solid and so we dragged him in with three or four other birds trying to get in on the action thinking there buddy had caught something tasty, our lure! We pulled the big bird up on deck and Mike had him by the neck and whilst pulling the hook out of its beak mentioned that he was big enough to eat ... there was a moments silence .. he stared at the large breasts of the birdy .. he looked into its eyes .. I looked into its eyes .. the bird opened its beak ... mike and I looked into each others eyes .. then he threw it over the side!
This sea bird sat in the ocean for about 30 seconds slightly dazed and then took to flight with a good story to tell and no harm done, one lucky duck.
Ok I am taking a break for dinner........... Right Im back and that was some awesome food, sausages and mash with red wine. This afternoon around 4pm Lars was telling us a story in the Pilot house when he yelled "whale"! yes there was a big whale cruising alongside and went under and came back up again to check us out and then slipped into the deep not to be seen again. It was fantastic to be that close to such a majestic creature.
Happy hour onboard is 6pm most nights and as tonights happy hour was called Cabral sighted land, Robinson Crusoe island! We should be there sometime in the next 4 or 5 hours, find the bay and anchor till morning and then explor!
This is day 5!