Happy COVID Easter 2020

Lars Alfredson
Sun 12 Apr 2020 18:07
Lyrics by Dawnbreaker crew. You can sing 🎶 with the “Yellow Submarine” tune .....
Happy Eastern.


On a boat close to the shore
Lives a groooup of refugees
And we live our daily lives
Stuck in co-oo-vid quarantine

We have sailed through salt and sun
More than ready now, to walk on green,
But the coast guard said: “don’t come -
You are ordered now, in quarantine”

Chorus: We all live in a Covid quarantine, Covid quarantine, Covid quarantine x2

And our friends are all onboard
We are sanitized, our hand are clean
No one dares to cough or sneeze
Scared to end alone in quarantine

As we live our lives at sea
With deliveries of what we need (what we need!)
All we lack are bottles green
There’s no wine or beer in quarantine

Chorus: We all live in a Covid quarantine...

We all trying to stay “sane”
With a WhatsApp group for chatting-chain
This mosquito-filled marine
Far from lux resort as quarantine

Easter calls for food and booze:
“Please don’t stay at home, come join our cruise
We have set the party scene
Screw this fucking Covid quarantine!”

Chorus: we all live in a fucking quarantine, fucking quarantine, fucking quarantine x4 — with Malene Rohden and Lars Alfredson at Hulhumale’ Island, Maldives.

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