Punta del Este Harbourmaster, El Temido

Lars Alfredson
Thu 5 May 2011 18:36
POS 34:57.695S 54:57.030W

Yes readers ... We finally arrived in Uruguay last night and anchored at Isla Girroti for the night.
This morning full of courage we sailed to the marina where we were welcomed by Chango on his dinghy and the channel 16 traffic control authority.
Finnally under strong wind we moored sideway on the pier.

Dawnbreaker moored at  Punta                                                      Chango lending a hand, prospecting work

Ready to face the "Authorities" ....... the feared harbour master of Punta.

The mostly feared Harbour master of the South Atlantic ports

As in Brazil paper trail here is enourmous ... At least it is a one stpo shopping spree.
The AA steps - kkkk

After the formalities we went of to town in search of a banking machine, mobile phone card, Uruguayan flag (legal request to hoist one) and a quick lunch.  Turns out that it is impossible to find a national flag nor a marine store near the marina.

Getting a local GSM card was another marathon .... Customs cellphone registration, lots of paperwork, stamps, payments & reprogramming ... Ufffffff .... done after one hour.  Took me longer to get a local number than the boat formalities..


Punta is dead at off season, looks more like a retirement center than the latin riviera fame.

Tomorrow of to Piriapolis, 25 miles West from here to meet Grey Pearl's  Yve, Karinne, Enzo and most important Rocky.


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