To New Caledonia

Lars Alfredson
Sun 20 Oct 2013 05:26
Pos 22:17.22S 166:26.02E
We left Tanna in the morning of the 17/10 and arrived in Noumea just before sunset on the 18/10.
We had a fast crossing (250 NM) with only Genoa 2 out. We had a nice reach in 25 knots of wind.
We had to anchor among hundreds of other yachts until the morning. Saturday morning we tried and go in to Port Moselle Marina to do our clearing in procedures.
The Marina was full so we had to anchor again. I visited the marina reception and filled out lots of papers but nothging is open over the weekend so the visit to immigration and customs will have to wait until Monday morning. It seems to be ok to go ashore anyway and we all went ashore to have a couple of beers and to check our e-mails.