Ilot Amedee

Lars Alfredson
Sat 2 Nov 2013 02:44
Pos 22:28.57S 166:27.81E
Ilot Amedee
Friday the 1/11 and Saturday 2/11
We move on, on Friday morning to a small Island with a big lighthouse on it. Ilot Amedee.
We have been recommended that there is good snorkling and diving there.
Motorsailing in the light winds we soon come to an island that is full of people. We are now quite near Noumea again and there is lots of small motorboats that has come out for the day. There is also a big tripper boat moored here.
The snorkeling is quite nice and we see lots of turtles abig white tipped reef shark and lots of other interesting fish and corals.
Saturday we climb the 231 steps up to the top of the lighthouse and are rewarded with great wiews of the surroundings. After such hard work we reward our selves with a beer at the bar. We ran out of beer the day before yesterday.
It is getting time to head back to Noumea to replenish our stores and plan for New Zealand, our next goal.