Yasawa Island

Lars Alfredson
Tue 6 Aug 2013 05:43

Pos 16:49.28S 177:27.87E



201300805 Monday


After a sleepless night as despite being in the lee of the island from a wind point of view, the swell was running over the reef between the island and gave us a very rock and rolly night.


Rising early, we decide to abandon our attempt at the long crossing to Yadua Island some 50 nmiles away with the wind on the nose as always and instead turn west and head around the corner to west side of Yasawa Island.


By 8 o’clock we anchored in amongst the reef just of a beautiful white coral sand beach and a headland of volcanic ash and debris. As we anchor a school of large silver fish are jumping and the bird on que are in attendance.


IMG_2429   P8050704

                    Coming in to the anchorage.                                                                            A bit shallow at low water.


After breakfast Lars heads out in the dinghy to find a suitable landing for exploration as were nearly at low tide and the fringing reef could be a problem. In the event we land on rocky promontory and set out to explore the beaches and inland, as much as possible.


P8050708    P8050696

                                   Shoes on.                                                                                           Fresh Coconut


P8050706    P8050714 Fix

                        The loving couple


P8050715    P8050716 Shan Fixed

                                   Me Tarzan                                                                                                  you Jane.


Shan find some nice shells and pieces of coloured coral which now jingle in my pocket as we make our way back to the dinghy. There we don our snorkel gear and set about exploring the reef along the shoreline.


After half an hour Shan's had enough and clambers back aboard the dinghy which Lars has tied to a handy coral head while we continue exploring and before he takes it back in tow as we continue along the reef line and then back to the yacht.


P8050748    P8050749 Crop


P8050783     P8050784          


On the way he points into the deep and there’s a two metre shark below us ambling along the bottom. In my enthusiasm I dive down casting care to the wind, to take a picture but with one flick of its tail the beast move off just out of visible range which leaves me with just a ghost of an image, I discover when aboard.


P8050741 fixed   P8050743

                         The Ghost Shark                                                                                One of these we hope!                     



After lunch and a rest Lars and I set out again. The tide is now rising and the reef has re-submerged. A good trip as I manage to get two new (To me) fish, better still I’m able to find them in our fish book. I’ve had a reply from “What fish is that” offering an identity to my previous discovery that we can’t find in the book, but I can’t agree with there suggestion so I’ll have to continue my researches.


Sundowners, Spag Bol, and a read, with the Eagles “Out of Eden” for the background music. Blustery woollies blowing 20 knots but at least there’s no swell and its 25C to boot.




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