Facts of Prince Rupert

Lars Alfredson
Fri 23 Jun 2017 18:25

I did run into Ethel, Prince Rupert's ambassador to the cruise ships 

Her family came from Britain in 1908. First stop was Toronto and intention to go to San Francisco. Due to the earthquake, they decided to come to Vancouver and then Prince Rupert

An interesting fact about this town with about 12.000 people. It is the closet port to the orient. Two days closer than any other port on the west coast. This makes it the ideal transportation hub for container, coal and grain. Also the deepest Harbour in  the West coast. 

The city lived through 3 phases.  First fishing and was for 50 years the Halibut capital of the world. After overfishing they turned their economy to pulp mills, given the vast supply of timber.  Over harvesting killed this business too.  

Today the city lives of transportation as a hub connecting the sea and railway.  Coal, grain and containers are their expertise and it is common to see 2km long trains loaded with containers heading to Chicago with imported goods and returning with exports. 

We are moored at Cows Bay Marina.  This cove originally housed a fish processing plant, which were shipped out by train.  

One clever businessman considered that due to no power, no running water and no internet, this place would be full of children.  Installing a dairy in town was an opportunity.  

He went to Vancouver, bought some cows and loaded them on a barge heading to Prince Rupert. 

After arriving here, he encountered a logistic problem.  How to offload the cows?   After careful consideration, he just threw them into the water and they swam ashore.  






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