Day 2 down the Potomac

Lars Alfredson
Tue 18 Oct 2022 18:30

What started as a busy night crossing the bridged turned out to become a nice motor sailing along the winding channel.  

We anchored at a nice anchorage on St Clements Island and the chef presented a new creation for dinner “The Potomac Chicken-loin” (recipe by demand).  

During the dinner the wind picked up and although anchored at 5m we turned 180° and rested on the bottom, with 40cm keel buried and fortunately at low tie.  Next high to be at 10:00.

Around 10 we set the second 75lbs anchor on a 100m rope tied to the spinnaker halyard, leaned the boat and motored out.  It was a complex operation but the only solution. 

If it hadn’t worked we would have to  call TowBoatUS and this would set us back US$1800. 

We back on track heading to the Chesapeake Bay and eventually to Annapolis tomorrow. Searching for a nice and deep anchorage on the east side of the bay.