Back in Opua

Lars Alfredson
Tue 3 Jun 2014 11:07
Pos 35:18.74S 174:07.48E

After a rocky night in Tutukaka Harbour. The swell came in from the SE and made the boat rock all night long. We took off for Whangamumu Harbour. (The place
of the infamous party back in December). Unfortunately the rain moved in and the waves built up.


Caroline shure enjoyed her scones when we had anchored in the calm anchoridge of Whangamumu. 


In the morning I took these photos of the old Whaling station and surroundings.

Next day we continued. I had told Caroline about the spectacular views when rounding Cape Brett but the sea built and in a big wave my camera
ended up on the cabin floor. No more photos! I now have to send my camera for repair again (Thomas).  


I found my little Canon camera (my underwater camera) after a search and managed to take some more photos.


We arrived to Opua just when Obelisk (Our friends from December) was making ready to take off for Vanuatu. My friend Jesse had signed on a four
person crew to join him for the sail north to the warm weather.

   Away we go, note the Virginia flag.

We wish Jesse and his crew a safe passage. I am sure we will meet again.

 Lars and Caroline.