Snake attack

Lars Alfredson
Sat 24 Jan 2015 11:31
We are anchored at Lady Musgrave reef.  After some rainstorm last night we woke up to a nice sunny day.  After some snorkelling and a beach walk, the kids took it upon themselfs to sneak in 2 scuba dives.  Turtle sightnings were comom as well as some sharks to Anna’s dismay.  Lovelly dinner under a sky night was interrupted by a snake attack. Spotted by Anna, it was climbing on the bimini.  Kalle was fast on his feet, hinding behind scared Anna.  Sanna took it upon herself to get a flashlight, while Lars was histerically screaming ... “where is the camera” ... thomas took the courage to get the snake with the boat hook, but it quickly climbed up the handle, creating extra kaos on deck ... scary!!!!
lights offf-  All went to sleep with their hatches closed. Pics to follow.
Sleep well my reader and DCXO.