kanton discovery

Lars Alfredson
Tue 26 Jun 2018 05:22
Kanton Island.  What a surprise of a stop-over.  AUS$900 later and 4 hours at the police station, we find out that we enterered PIPA (Phoenix Islands Protected Areaa) a UNESCO World Heritage Conservation Area.  after We are now free to roam and snorkel without risk of beeing imprisoned. All good and we are invited to the chief’s dinner tomorrow night. 
After been served freshly picked coconut water and all the procedures done, we were allowed to roam in the atoll and stopped at the local school to introduce ourselves and our adventures as well as present them with a football.
It is an unique experience being here at this remote location with only  8 families and 60 people, mainly government representatives and two religious missionaries (one catholic and one protestant church).
One hostel with marvelous beach view.  Tempting .....
Remains of the American presence are well observed, with signs of a paved road, rusty metal structures, including a giant satellite disc. power posts and fire hydrants along the village, just another example of how the “greatest country in the World” treats less important “allies”,