Day 4 news from board

Lars Alfredson
Mon 24 Jul 2023 20:16
Mon 24/Jul 19:40 GMT
POS 63:49.426N  24:19.355W  
Course: 66° true, 7.2 kts

Same, same...
No wind, still motoring. Weather is fine, a little swell.
Mainsheet bracket on the boom broke today.
Woke some of us in the middle of the night. Urban and Thomas had to lower the main.
After this Dawnbreaker rocking even more.
Was called up on the VHF from Island coast gard. We couldn't see them but apparently the spotted us from their plane. Had to answer all questions we already sent by mail 6 hours earlier !? Then got a mail from customs to download and fill in declaration. 
Replied that we got a 2.4k link via iridium sat = mission impossible. 

Today the big bet got it's answer. Yesterday we're listening to Queens Greatest Hits,
Somebody to Love. We all agreed that it was Freddy singing but stubborn Thomas said,   -No way, it's George Michael. Now we owe Thomas a free round of beers.

time changed +2hours, so now we are in Europe
65nm to go, ETA Monday morning 05.00