Family Expedition

Lars Alfredson
Thu 17 Feb 2022 19:40
Mount Peggy Peak
Ascent up the highest point in Bequia - only around 880ft at the top but stunning 360 degree views. Well worth the effort. Start on south side of island after Friendship Bay but before airport. Look for track next to white fence angling uphill. After a short walk up track head left up through grassy meadow, track soon becomes evident in scrub further up. Then just follow this trail to the top. Descent to Lower Bay - this could be used to climb as well but would be more challenging as is steeper up dry river bed in parts and not always easy to follow trail. Finding the start of this trail is also a challenge - up concrete road that heads up behind Dawn's Cafe. This is a great place to stop after for breakfast/ brunch/ lunch depending on time of day.