Waipoua Forest / Tinopai

Lars Alfredson
Wed 7 May 2014 09:18

Waiapoua Forest/Tinopai
Position:  36:15.06S    174:14.9E


For the first time since we started it rained last night and blew so hard that the
CamperVan shook from side to side.  There were a couple in a very, very thin
tent and they got up very early, 6am, I don't blame them, it was awful for us in
a CamperVan, how it was in a tent must of been 10 times worst.


This morning it was still dull, no sun and it's been raining off and on all day. We
have planned to go and see the Oldest and New Zealands mightiest trees today.
The Oldest one they reckon, is over 2,000 years old and is called "Tane Mahuta"
'Lord or God of the Forest'.  It's fantastic.  It would take 10 people with their arms
outstretched to go around the tree trunk.  The second one we visited was a longer
ride on Rosie and with the rain slippery in parts. The second one is fatter but shorter
than the first and is called "Te Matua Ngahere" which means 'Father of the Forest'.
We got a bit wet with all the rain but to see these trees was amazing.  I've never
seen trees that wide before (not even the Redwoods in Canada).  The Waipoua Kauri
Forest was made a Sanctuary for the Kauri Trees in 1952 when they realised that the
trees were dying out. Now they are looked after and people are able to see them on
walkways that have made it easier for the trees to continue growing.



Tomorrow we want to visit the Museum that tells the story about the earlier life here
and the Kauri Trees.  We've stopped in a wonderful Park, a little worn out but lovely anyway.
We are parked next to sea, in a park by our self and it's quiet and not a sound from
any of the houses around us.  The Office where we booked in was also the Fire Station.
It's peaceful and lovely. I wouldn't mind staying for awhile but Lars needs what he needs.


From Caroline and Lars
In tranquility paradise.