Oshima Island

Lars Alfredson
Mon 20 Jun 2016 02:22

pos 34:44.91N 139:21.16E
Oshima harbour

Saturday 18/6
Finally we are on the move again.
Our first stop was Oshima Island. The same place where we got the rail damaged two months earlier.

We did not arrive until after 18.00 and I took my crew to the Onsen overlooking the harbour. The place closed at 7 but we managed to get 30 min in the bath. There we met Elizabeth, Izumi and Suguru. The girls were researching travel destinations for an American agency and Suguru was the owner of a small hotel on the island.
After the bath we asked our new found friends were we could have dinner.
Everything is closed we were told but Suguru started on the telephone and soon we were escorted to a nice restaurant. As we could not read one word on the meny we asked Suguru to suprice us and he ordered a very nice meal for us with lots of local specialities.

Our friends kept us company through the meal and even tought us how to eat the japanese way with chop sticks.

After the meal we returned full up to the boat.

All is well.
Lars and crew.

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