Arriving Taiwan

Lars Alfredson
Wed 10 Feb 2016 10:03

pos 22:37.126N 120:16.164E
Kaohsiung Yacht Club

On Monday morning we finally left Basco for Taiwan. The wind had calmed down a bit.
We left at 7.45 in the morning with two reefs in the main and a half furled genua.
Luckily we had almost a broad reach and were soon making 10 knots through the water.
The wind soon gusted +35 knots and the boat got a bit heavy on the rudder. To ease the strain on our helmsman "Otto" (autopilot) we put in a 3rd reef in the main. That gave us a much more comfertable ride. We covered the 100 NM crossing in 12 hours before we rounded the south west corner of Taiwan to head up the west coast.
When we closed the coast in the dark the sky started to fill with fireworks. It was Chinese New Year! the 8th of February in the year of the Monkey.
Sailing up the west coast the wind calmed and we soon had all the sails up.
Nearing Kaohsiung we had to negotiate between hundreds of anchored ships to reach the harbour entrance.
In wain I tried to contact the harbour control, inthe end we went in without permission and tied up at Kaohsiung Yacht Club at 9.30 in the morning.
Exploring a new country awaits!

All is well,
Lars and crew.

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