Ghage Island

Lars Alfredson
Sun 26 Jul 2015 06:05

pos 7:24.25S 158:14.38E


2015-07-24 Going ashore after breakfast we meet up in the Rangers office to settle up our bill and swap some movies I had on a memory stick for a movies of the conservation programme on the island. Everybody seems happy and one the wardens give Lars some information on his home islands, the Isabellas.

Waving our farewells we weigh anchor and off we go, the seas a calmer than yesterday. As we exit the protection of the barrier reef we experience some heavy swells. Attempts at writing the Blog are abandoned as the mouse seems to have developed a mind of its own with the bouncing and is bringing up all sorts of submenus, moving the curser all over the place and causing absolute chaos.

As we re-enter the reef we encounter terrific currents and overfalls, eventually we pull in behind an island and anchor for lunch. In the excitement we forgot to reel in the fishing line which is chopped by the propeller rope cutter with loss of most of the line but most seriously our recently redesigned lure!

After lunch we move to a suitable overnight anchorage point. So far we have seen no signs of life on the islands we have passed, no tell-tale fires, buildings or banana boats.

Safely anchored, full attention is paid to creating a new lure from old bits various and the cunning use of cable ties, what a monster.

A relatively quiet night, with lightning in the distance. We take to reading, a glass of wine and then to bed.

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