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Lars Alfredson
Sun 8 Mar 2015 00:56

Thinking about go sailing with Dawnbeaker was such a challenge! Who were these guys really?

With great help from Caroline, I made my connection come trough, everything settled and off I took to Mackay, for a wonderful experience I’ll never forget. Wonderful guys Lars Thomas, Steve, Martin and of cause wonderful Sanna, who all welcomed me onboard Dawnbreaker.

After a couple of days, we took off to cruise the reefs and the Coral Sea. -These marvelous turquoise spots of reefs and lagoons, screaming in the middle of the deep blue sea, and dolphins playing in front of the bow!

-Lars fearless sneaking in Dawnbreaker, trough the entrance of a lagoon for anchoring in the middle of nowere, and Thomas checking out the bottom by the dingie, so we are safe. And our snorkel trips around the reefs, drifting by the current, to see the corals and fishes in unforgettable colors……-Uhhh a small shark patrolling the reef five meters beneath… -It went starboard, I went port!!!!!!

We had some wonderful sailing too, from spot to spot and an all-nighter too!

-Heavy stuff handling sails on a 64 feeter!…..-New for me, heavy as craneing big steelconstructions on a building site! -But knowledge as Lars and Thomas in sailhandling, makes it safe and very easy, and I have become familiar with the hands-on navigation.

After a week on the reef, our fridges became empty and we went in to Townsville for proviantation.

Existing Townsville… Wonderful Indian restaurants and unforgettable The Basement … a club we were told to go…and we sure did! -Flirting and had lots of fun, in a wonderful night! Thomas, with his Brasilian blood, was first man on the dancefloor, holding hands to a girl… -We later discovered, that she was half blind and as a gentleman he is, guided her to the bar!

After saying goodbye to Sanna and Steve, for a while, we left Townsville for anchoring at the reefs and small islands. We had wonderful walks to the heights of the islands, with marvelous views over the Coral Sea.

We have been dropping from reef to reef and island to island, in wonderful weather.

The air has been more than 32˚C and the water around 30˚C and light winds.

Who can ask for more!

As I am leaving the party from Cairns in a couple of days, we are cruising the reefs in the nearby waters.

It has been a unforgettable trip, to stay in my memory for a very long time.


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