19.05 Kuching / Annah Reis Longhouse

Lars Alfredson
Sun 19 May 2019 04:03
Kunching with its 600.000 inhabitants, is a cool and very nice town with lots of Chinese influences.
In contract to Indonesia, It stinks of money!
New and old Chinatown, beautiful museums and lots of cultural activities. Many cars. Here you find designed houses, clean and trimmed streets, waterfront cafes and nice restaurants.
The surrounding Sarawak is developed with an infrastructure of well maintained roads, crossing mountains and jungle.
Yesterday we had a marvelous trip around the countryside, with our Chinese driver.
First stop was Annan Reid Longhouse, a small traditional village, 50 km from Kuching.
We had experienced to find traditional longhouses made of wood an palm leafed rooftops, burn time has changed, and we found tin roofed houses build together.
However the social patterns, where old and young are living side by side and is the admired goal in western city planning, was intact to be studied and gave us a fine impression.
We continued to see the Wind Caves, but Kenneth and Pelle was not allowed in wearing flip-flops and Lars was disappointed, as the cave was dark and the only light we had was the light in our cell phones.
We returned to Kuching for the Timber Museum, but it was closed, so we ended up to do the shopping for the Miri leg.