Rio-Ilha Grande 17032011 Wednesday

Lars Alfredson
Thu 17 Mar 2011 21:13

Ilha Grande

Ensenada de Abraáo

Pos 23:08.34S 44:09.70W


Up early, Thomas heads to the Club Office to pay our dues and get ice while Lars and I ready

the boat, taking down awnings, raising the dinghy and stowing odd ropes and water hoses.


9:30 and were underway  heading for Ilha Grande some 50nmiles south of Rio. The Sun is shining

as we sail past Copocabana beach in a sea of sewage which continues past Ipenema  and through

various levels of polution to Bahia.



                                        Copacabana beach                                                            Leaving Rio


There is a goodly surf which increases as we head past the beaches and out of the Bay into the Ocean.

Although not a great deal of wind the seas get steeper and at 2.5 Metres and on the beam we are now

rolling through 50 degrees. Not very comfortable especially as its now beginning to rain.


Its dark when we reach islands and pick out “Grey Pearls” masthead strobe light to guide us in.

Thomas has received a call from a friend asking him we were aware of the Tropical Storm that had hit

Rio with winds of 120kph and torrential rain. Ah! A little light of realisation hits us, this explains the rains

during the night and the odd seas, as we had sailed right through it.


In these sheltered waters of Saco du Ceu bay we could now make dinner. Another fine concoction from

Thomas, consisting of Spaghetti with sausages, peas, onions, garlic and other UCO’s (Unidentified

cooked objects) accompanied by a fine vintage from the ship’s wine cellar.


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