Sailing to Ambon

Lars Alfredson
Sun 24 Mar 2019 11:16

POS 03:38.40S 128:14.34E

We had left Natalia in Waisai and then started our passage to Ambon . There was no wind so the. iron genoa had to work.
The sea was like a mirror most of the day. In the late afternoon the breeze came on and up came the sails. We had a nice sail through the night and most of the following day.
The sails gave a bit of shadow on the foredeck so we managed to strip the broken anchor winch. All the parts now fill to boxes downstairs waiting for further inspection.
Friday afternoon the wind died again and on came mr yanmar.
When we neared Ambon we decided to keep well clear during the dark hours. And good was that for closer to land we msde close contact with several FADs. A fad is a Fish Attracting Device. A home built raft anchored in up to 1600 m deep water. To the raft is tied lots of ropes. This attracts small fish which attracts bigger fish and so on. No lights or markings off course.
We anchored at the bottom of the bay on Saturday afternoon.