salmon river

Lars Alfredson
Sat 30 Jul 2016 20:16
POS 56:15.354N 158:45.671W

We had a great day. What one say a typical Alaskan day. Anchored at a fishing village taking the boat up a salmon river and meeting a bear. Had a hard time
With delayed low tied and needed to walk the
Dinghy through low waters. It was worth it. Great scenery. Couldn't be a better stop to feel what Alaska is all about.
We left at 09:30 and back at 17:30. An adventure through the lowland up the Chignik river all the way up to Chignik Lake and village. A settlement of Swedish descendants if you can believe with Andersons, Lundholm's an other scandivanian lost cod fisherman. A village with 150 inhabitants 7 miles upriver.
We had a perfect Alaska day. Up a Salmon stream, surrounded by our first trees and a mountain backdrop. And with the enjoyment of our first bear sight.
We also run into a Fish and Game research station in charge of counting the kind and number of salmons going up the river to spawning. Interesting operation maned by marine biologist from may to september.