Sebana Cove marina

Lars Alfredson
Wed 20 Nov 2019 14:39
Pos 1:24.78N 104:09.75E
Sebana Cove Marina

Tuesday 19Nov. Early morning we tackled the enormous traffic of the Malacca strait. Ships of every conceivable model anchored everywhere and a continuous stream of ships going both ways in the middle.

We had given up on going to Singapore due to high costs and a complex procedure. Instead we choose to go up a river to Sebana Cove marina in Malaysia. The idea was to take a ferry over to Singapore the next day.

We arrived in the afternoon and checked in. The resort was supposed to help us book transport to the ferry. Unfortunately they got back a couple oh hours later saying that the ferry would not run for 3 days. The alternative was taxi for 4+ hours at a huge cost.
We have tried everything we can think off. We have now given up the idea of visiting Singapore.
A shame as Sanna is over there this week. It would have been nice to meet.

Wedensday we went to a nearby town for some shopping and then it started raining. Dinner at the resort.
Tomorrow we leave for Lankawi.

Lars and crew.