Patuxent River

Lars Alfredson
Sun 9 Oct 2022 21:17
POS 38:17.40N  76:26.36W

First stop for overnight West Basin. 

Fall season episode one

It did not start well. After leaving the marina and motoring for one hour the engine died. We assumed it was an issue with the fuel supply. 

We managed to get it running on idle and returned to the safety of the marina. It was a no wind and sunny day. 

On Saturday we tackled the issue.  There seemed to be a lot of dirt in the main filters so we changed them all, including the engine filter.  Didn’t work.  Starter battery died so we decide to run the generator, which wouldn’t work either.  

So the issue was not with the engine but with the fuel supply. 

To make the story short.  We blew air through the fuel hoses and the Purafinder gadget that was also clogged.  No success still not running. There were now air bubbles in the system and by the end of the day the issue was with the spare filter unit that was sucking in air.  Switched over to the second unit. 

Both engines are now running healthy.  

PS we had the tanks cleaned before the season and filled with new fuel. 

Finally it was a multi-factor issue with

Remaining dirt in the system and a leaking filter unit.