On the move - Day 2

Lars Alfredson
Sat 1 Nov 2014 02:08

POS 35:13.07S 174:11.66E



Leaving Opua today heading for an overnight at Waiwhapuku Bay.  While the Lars duo, went for a walk, I engaged with the natives.  It is their beginning of Summer so many had their first outing

After a brief contact of the strangest degree, I moved to another boat to get some tips about fishing in the region.  To my surprise I was handed 10 freshly catched scallops.  A nice surprise for todays dinner.

Hummmm.  Served on a white wine béchamel and solder torching "gratin" with cheddar, all nicely resting on a toast.  Dinner menu?  honestly I can´t remember. Ahhhhh bouef bourgingone.