Ubatubinha still? 21032011 Monday

Lars Alfredson
Mon 21 Mar 2011 21:16

The rain finally stops allowing the Sun around 10am. Lars takes advantage of the lull to go up the mast

and reposition the navigation light which had come loose and turned on it’s mount.




Shortly thereafter it started raining and has varied between tropical downpour and drizzle most of the day.


Thomas was summoned to “Grey Pearl”; Yves has dropped his Fins overboard and wants to go diving

for them. A preliminary dive shows nil visibility at 15metres so no much hope of finding anything in the

extensive search area of the boats swing on the anchor.


He comes back to bottom scraping duties whilst Lars and I rig up another awning to try and keep the rain

from blowing into the cockpit where we are sitting reading.


It’s pretty depressing Lars is off the beer altogether, I put my second on back in the fridge and Thomas

oblivious to the wet even after taking of his diving gear has taken to Gin


The forecast says it will be worse tomorrow. I think I’ll have that beer now.


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