Kitting up

Lars Alfredson
Fri 28 Oct 2011 21:32

28102011 Kitting Up


Were up at an early hour this morning, I disappear up to the shower whil the others breakfast. Fortunately there are still some croissants (Purched in the expensive bun shop) left for me on my return.


Coffee and then it’s off to the serious business of the day. Peter is despatched to buy a new deep frying pan as Lars’s best repairs to the old one failed

in the middle of another Thomas’s culinary masterpieces, prompting him to teach us some new Brazilian swear words.





The Generator is fired us and the washing machine filled before Lars is sent up the mast to replace a dodgy split pin and check the fittings,

Thomas is on another of his “Projects” and I’m back on the Blog, with paused to rush out with the camera to catch the action.


CIMG5241    CIMG5244

                      Up the mast                                                            The offending pin


CIMG5234     CIMG5235

                              Winchservice                                                                       “Titty” projekt


12 o’clock and we come together for beer break whereupon Lars produces safety harnesses and lifelines and we have “Fitting “ session.


CIMG5249      CIMG5250

                     Ready for the Roaring Forties


Peter comes back bearing goodies and the new pan and announces his intention to cook lunch, bacon, egg, toast and proper baked beans

care of Mr Heinz. Thomas is bemused, Brazilians love beans of all sorts but Baked Beans are a bit of a mystery to them.



                     Old and new     


Suitably saited I get a grip on the washing up, while Lars disappears down the wine cellar (deck locker) trying to reoganise his bike and

other items that are impeding easy access to the beer stores.



                        Wrestling with the Bike in the winecellar


Then its try to try the “Trisail” which despite being on the boat for some years has never had an airing.

This will be our finally “Reefing” position and the smallest main substitute in extreme weather.


CIMG5245     CIMG5247

                           Mounting the Trisail


Peter has gone off surfing and having seen the seas yesterday, the best of luck and Lars and Thomas go off the the Perfectura to hand in our leaving papers.

I’m up at the club catching up on e-mails and writing out last Blog before we depart tomorrow.


Lars returns muttering something about Argentian bureaucracy (With which we are by  now becoming very familiar with) apparently we were missing

a stamp on our arrival papers. He returns with his computer and its time to sent our next Blog


m_CIMG5258      m_CIMG5257


While we blog Thomas plays !!


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