Karimunjawa island

Lars Alfredson
Sat 4 May 2019 20:37
POS 05:52.88S 110:25.68E
Karimunjawa 2nd of May.

After a night of mostly motoring we arrived Karimunjawa at about 11am. and dropped anchor outside the main village.
The water was clean, if you disregard all the floating plastic, so in we went for a swim.
At lunch time we took the dinghy and searched out Amore cafe that we read about. It was a lovely place on the water. We tied up the dinghy around a tree and stepped straight into the restaurant. We had a nice lunch and admired the building and all the wood sculptures that was for sale. Kenneth could not resist and bought "Amore the duck".
Returning to the boat the crew walked through town while I took the dinghy to the other end to pick up a hot bunch walking in the sun.
Siesta, swimming and later happy hour restored our strenght so much that when the sun was setting we returned to the village for exploration and dinner.
By now the market with lots of food stalls was up. We found a few more restaurants but in the end went back to Amore for dinner.

Friday May 3.
Started with our normal procedure, morning swim, breakfast and checking of telephones. I put on a load of washing and returned to reading "Göteborgs Posten".
Suddenly there was a loud crash and a lot of banging from the washing machine. I entered the engine room in a cloud of dust, one side of the machine had collapsed into bits of rust. That machine is not doing any more washing, rest in pease!
The sun was hot so we went for a snorkeling expedition with the dinghy. Found a good place with beautiful corals and free of plastic.
After lunch we wanted more swimming, best place to be in the heat. We upped anchor and moved to a small island, Pulau Cemara Kecil, island exploring on land and in the water followed.

Saturday May 4.
Normal procedures followed by a long snorkeling along the reef.
At lunch time we started our crossing of the Jawa sea to Kalimantan.

Now writing this at 4.30am I am enjoying a quiet sail at almost 5 knots in pitch dark with beautiful stars above.