Pictures from our first 3 weeks. Part 1.

Lars Alfredson
Fri 29 Jan 2016 06:26
Picture of Noro City, Solomon Island. Place where we filled         Gizo Airport, "the airstrip island"
up fuel and water before the long trip                                                           

Our start point and Noel´s marina, Liapari Island                        Kenneth "the Chief" in action

Route descissions at sea                                                                                                                  Channel passage next to Noro, Darryl enjoing the sun after some day´s of burn

Lars "wheeler the dealer" try to buy us out from the fuel station                                                Another ship that emty the jungel

Women´s back from evening duty. Fresh water can only be find on another island.                 Darryl "the pancake man" introduce he´s specialtise

Charlotta and "the Gentlemen"visit the Japanize bunker in Rabaul                                             Crew is buying fuel for the dingy in Rabaul. Of course we need to occupy the whole side

Big shoping in Kokopo which ended with cab to the dock                                                            Darryl in he´s traditional position with the book and a GT

Crew lined up for boarding                                                               The active vulcano in Rabaul that sanked half of the city in asch

"Fruit time at sea" this time we went for some passion fruites                                                    Kenneth enjoing the sea