Mangrove Bar

Lars Alfredson
Sun 23 Jan 2011 18:17
La Dolce Vita in the Mangroves

Dawnpedia .....  Tamandaré Mangrove protected resource area.   They are real "nurseries"
for countless species of fish, crabs and many other animals in the region.  Very important
ecosystems in Tamandaré, are located in the area of environmental preservation.
The mangroves are a characteristic vegetation, because they suffer daily tidal salt water.
Mangrove areas motivate the tourist attraction for the beauty of its natural resources.
                                   Mangroves                                                                        You need a boat

Mangrove Bar .... Everything is there on the edge of the swamp!
                              Open air kitchen                                                              Nice fish
In front of the delicious and the beach paradise of Carneiros, well away from jet set of Porto de Galinhas,
you find an unusual proposal: the bar of the mangrove. Open only on Saturdays and Sundays, accessible only
by boats, the place is paradise for anyone who sees the best of the "bare feet in the sand, standing in the swamp
and rustic cousin ...".
                          Torpedihno discussing lunch                                                         Nice snack
A whole family working together to serve delicious snacks in makeshift conditions beyond normal standards.
And what a beauty! The scenario resembles the fiction of an enchanted forest, full of mysteries.
                        The Stove                                                                  Fresh fish
                          Ready for serving                                                                Tide is getting a bit high, time to leave.
Thomas and Lars + Torpedihno