Vunisinu Bay

Lars Alfredson
Thu 15 Aug 2013 08:02

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20130811 Sunday – Shân


I’m rudely woken in the early morning by Bob leaping out of bed – it’s raining – poring – bucketing down.  Trying to close our bathroom hatch he’s drenched, it’s as though he’s standing under a hose pipe.  I’m pretty useless and just get in the way whilst he checks that the computers are safe and closes all the remaining hatches.


Again an early start, we’re heading for Vunisinu Bay off Vanua Levu the smaller of the two main islands of Fiji.  The voyage is hot, steamy and uneventful. On our way we pass Monkey Face Rock.


IMG_2709    IMG_2706

                        Monkey Face Rock


We drop anchor for lunch.  The boys go for a swim but the water looks a bit green ad murky so I stay on board to prepare scrambled egg on toast with ham and asparagus – nice.


P8110888   P8110894


Off we set again.  I do a bit of washing but we just lol around.  We passed a shoal of dolphins but they were too far away for us to see clearly.




Arriving at our destination at just one minute to sundowners – what good timing it’s G+T’s,  then it’s time to prepare the fish curry which was enjoyed by all.  We then decided to finish off our round of Mexican train.  Guess who was winning till the very last hand which turned into chaos, laughter and cheating so we decided on a draw!  See how low they stoop to stop me from winning!



                        tonton eat your heart out!


Good night,

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