Life at Hobart

Lars Alfredson
Tue 9 Dec 2014 07:27


Finally, we settled in.  After one day of laundry, deck washing, cleaning the fridge, kitchen and stove we went for shopping for our next 10-day cruise.  Will outline it later on.

First, let’s cover our crossing adventure.  Despite all pessimistic warnings, that one should not adventure the crossing this time of year in fear of the hauling 60´s, we made it on a smooth Easterly quadrant in “record braking” six days.  Mainly Downwind on Dawnbreaker as ordered by the Captain.


It got wet …..

Arriving in Tasmania and Hobart was as pleasant as one could wish.  Here “Downunder, people are extremely friendly and genuinely into sailing.  First stop the “Irish Pub” to cleanse or palate from all that sea water.


Salamanca Place


A friendly face with a beer                                           Bob we thought of you


Moored on Elisabeth pier in the hearth of Hobart, Dawnbreaker turns some heads, and many Scandinavians feel the urge to connect to their roots and drop by for a chat and … “what a lovely boat she is.  Did you really come all the way from Sweden” are most of the comments.


Elisabeth Street pier ….

Arrival procedures were straightforward and very friendly, even from the unfair reputation about Customs and Immigration.  Organized as a Swiss organization we were directed to the quarantine pier and welcomed by Customs and Immigration (they use now a intimidating and scary name something like “Strategic Border Command Center”, followed by the Bio Security and Harbour Control.  Unfortunately, we lost our G&T lemons and onions to the hazard material bag.


Digging out our G&T lemons


Tasmania is very attractive nature wise.  A diverse must see destination, unspoilt World Heritage Wilderness, rugged mountain ranges, dense rainforest (and it rains a lot here), wild rivers, glaciated peaks and intense coastline.  Tomorrow we depart south to explore the Island before returning to Hobart for X-mas and Sydney – Hobart Regatta New Year Party.

To our surprise, Robert (Bob) Davey´s ancestors must have ruled this Island, as the name still invokes respect and fear.  From Port Davey to Davey Street,  he is everywhere.


Went looking for mooring between X-mas and New Year, as we will be kicked out of this peer due to the regatta arrivals we set off by bus to the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania (where wearing a hat is strongly prohibited and duly enforced.

TAS Port Corporation has so far the best Showers we ever faced.  Truly second only to the Iguaçu Falls or a beam splashing wave under heavy seas.


A rewards after wet seas ….



The falls ….                                              Heater in the showers

One has told us the volunteered crew that we would be sailing the summer season.  Today was summer … from 06:00 all the way to 11:00.  Back to long johns and sweaters.